Having mentioned it more than a few times I thought I should at document my impressions of the iPhone – now we have been living together for a week…..

This will be a short post as I am not that good with the touch screen typing yet – am hoping this will improve. Apart from that – and the rather poor battery life I have to say that it is more than living up to expectations. The ease of use is amazing and the user experience shows what can be done if you think about people rather than about technology to leas design. It works – and you can start to see what this might mean in terms of augmented reality in the future as you use apps just to do small useful things as part of your daily life.

Now – I am not a typical user as I have an ongoing love affair with technology – but I saw a good friend of mine yesterday who has a far more pragmatic view of gadgetry and she is just as seduced as I am. With that reaction you can start to see how this is a technology that can leapfrog the shackling of the Internet to a desk and to make it part of your life. I don’t know if this is good or bad – but I do know I am already starting to think about what the embedding of technology into our day to day existence in this way could mean for our civic society. Let’s not just use this for better ad placement.