1. If you pitch 4 sessions you will have a lot to write up
  2. We have moved on from last year – more stuff is mainstream and big ideas are being taken seriously.  However we now need to focus on building a proper evidence base to stop ourselves running away with ideas that we have not yet proved
  3. At some point soon GovCamp will need to reconcile its relationship with ‘the suits’ and accept that it is difficult to get stuff into the mainstream without it being diluted.
  4. We really need to agree on the new context so we can help our projects support each other
  5. If we are in a network society then we need to start using the power of that network – and not just talk about it at GovCamp
  6. Agile projects need agile management – not Prince2
  7. Lists are much faster than text – thanks Dan
  8. Dave and Steph do an incredible job with the organising – thank you both
  9. Lloyd Davis is an excellent facilitator and I got a huge amount from his Human Scale conversation
  10. Carrie Bishop is the best and most positive disrupter I know – I love the way she thinks
  11. One aspect of a smaller state is less concern for edge cases – I am not sure how I feel about this
  12. Its great to have the wisdom of @tomsprints at our disposal
  13. I am really glad that @pubstrat is running a huge project – its reassuring
  14. Every time I think I know enough people I meet a new ones who are fantastic
  15. When is the centre  going to realise that Government doesn’t mean Whitehall?
  16. I liked the 2 day format – but I think we should try running some sessions explicitly aimed at new people
  17. I talk too much
  18. Information is going to drive the new economy – we need to treat it like a valuable raw material not a finished product
  19. Its a huge shame that only one politician appeared in two days – hats off to @cllriansherwood for being the one who bothered
  20. Its not about digital – its about social change